Bad Vibes

The four policemen were sitting at a table right next to the deli entrance. I considered turning around, but that would have been too suspicious. So I just walked up to the counter and tried not to make eye contact.The Indian at the counter eyed me suspiciously as I approached him.

To calm myself down, I tried the mental exercies that The Doctor taught me. They weren’t working.

“I’ll have a turkey on wheat bread,” I said, trying to keep my voice calm.

The clerk eyed me for a bit longer, and then turned to make my sandwich. I would have been home free if I had just stayed calm.

The first one materialized, followed by three, then four more. The vibrators hovered in the air a moment, then they fell to the tile floor, their tiny motors whirred like mad and sent them scuttling all over the deli. I thought that I noticed a woman slip one into her purse.

The policemen surrounded me and one of them shouted, “Sir! You are under arrest for possessing a supernatural ability.”

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