There's No Escape

“Yeah.” I couldn’t stay here much longer. In a weary voice just louder than a whisper, I said, “I’ve got to go Chad, I’ll see you later.”

I really hoped he hadn’t seen the streams of tears that ran down my cheeks as I left. He called after me, he as confused as I, but I didn’t care.

But then Bryn came out of the bathroom, she sneered at me. “Hey Christy.”

I wanted to curse at her, but I didn’t need any more bad karma coming my way. So instead, I brought back my hand, and slapped her across the face as hard as I could. I knew I would be questioned, by both my mother and hers, but the most difficult questions I knew I would have to bare would be from Chad.

But maybe he’ll get an ounce of sense in him and put two-and-two together.

I charged out of the hospital, headed to the park, and sat down at my favorite spot, a boulder with some decent shade from a tree that I had planted when I was younger.

But then I saw Chad’s name carved in the tree from before.

I just couldn’t escape him.

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