A Dreamy French Accent

One of the best things about french class, was having Brian in it. His french name was Regis. And with the french accent on it, it was just as dreamy as him.

“Bonjour classe!” Regis said.

Today Brian was the prof, and for once everyone was paying attention.

Later in 3rd period…

We were into health by now, almost done with it actually, and would be going back to gym after another week.

“Okay so begin working on that worksheet and then turn it in here.” Said Mr. Brandy.

Mr. Brandy sat down at his desk and started grading papers. We all sat there, waiting to see if he was going to actually give us the worksheet. After 5 minutes Mr. Brandy stood up.

“Why aren’t you working?”

“You didn’t give us the paper Mr. Brandy.” Said Kyle.


The class didn’t even try to hide their laughter, while Mr. Brandy pretended not to notice, that once again, he made a complete fool out of himself.

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