Destruction Of School Property

I snuck in late to study hall, as Mrs. Paulson yelled at Emily to spit out her gum.

I took me seat by Pat and Vince and started my work.

Only a few minutes later I was interrupted.


I looked up suddenly, Patrick and Vince were laughing.

That’s when I noticed the source of the noise. Vince always leans back in his chair, and this time he had finally gone to far, the leg had cracked.

“Do it again!!” Patrick said.

“Okay.” Vince replied.

Vince leaned farther back and it cracked again, he looked up to see if Mrs. Paulson had noticed, she hadn’t.

He kept cracking it until it wasn’t safe to sit on anymore, and he switched his chair with another.

Everyone around him grinned and gave him thumbs up.

How immature I thought.

“Maybe Paulson will sit in it!!” Said Vince.

“Yeah if we are lucky!!” Said Patrick.

Oh yes, very immature.

But at least study hall was never boring.

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