Rouge Hearts: Part 3, An Uncomfortable Feeling.

Julius cried out as he realized that the ground was falling from beneath him. The senstation of pressure on his rearend made his scream come out more like a squeal and that wasn’t very helpful to get mindless teenagers attentions. His mind raced with all sorts of possibilities but in earnest he was about as stunned and dumbfounded as a deer caught in headlights. He cried out for his mother.
The ground fell further away from him as he soared through the air. In a moment of total hysteria he gave into the whim that today was going to be the day that he would die, which if further from the truth than he knew, because if he did die there wouldn’t be no story regarding his character and we cannot have that now that you have read this much.
In his mind he went through all the things he had done and should have done. Realizing that the things he “should” have done outweighed the things he “had” done he decided his life wasn’t worth living and it would be better to end it now.

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