Firer Escape Hostage

Dragging his leg, he fail against the glass door leading to the fire escape. They had left him alone and he woke up in pain and disoriented.

He could here noises comming from the streets and knew if only he made it down the fire escape he could yell for help.

I have to do this right he said to him self, I have to find the energy and strength to climb down this three story fire escape.

He went back to the room they kept him in only to hear them comming back. He pretended to be asleep.

“As soon as they leave again and or go to sleep I will make my escape.”

Not really sure why he was being held captive, he felt the need to ask them what they wanted with him.

“Hey are you sleep?” He pretended not to hear them and did not move or make a sound. The firer escape was all he could focus on as he lay there what seem like hours waiting for the chance to escape.

Then one of them came in the room to make sure the ropes were not loose. He tighten him self up to make it look like it was hurting…

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