green yello red (a slam poem)

green yellow red. green yellow red. green yellow red.
over and over again she said she said she said
green yellow yellow yellow red.
her world wrapped around green yellow and red
the coating, the taste, the looks people gave
green yellow red.
how weird,how weird,how weird it could be
that a stop light a stop light a stop light
could only see
in three different colors
three different to me
how symbolic though,how symbolic you see
that this is of our life and our life to be
the furture,the present,the past all converge at one point
one point you see
the green is to go,to go,to go,
to get to our future,our future in store
the yellow is now,so slow so slow
the red is the past, stopped behind
and sometimes,yes sometimes
so hard to find
but with every red follows a green
as with every end,follows a mean
but sometimes,its too hard to find
so we let go,give up and get out of our car
and abandon it on the side the side the side
even in the middle the middle of a ride.

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