The Sky Is Falling!

I heard on the news today that the sky is falling.

No, seriously! I walked outside today and a huge chunk of cloud plummeted down and nearly took off my head! You know how they look all fluffy and crap? That’s a damn joke. Those things are hard and horrible, and don’t let nobody tell you any different. A few minutes later another piece fell and squashed the neighbor’s dumb yappy dog. I think it’s still out there if you want to look. Nobody wants to go outside anymore. Stupid neighbors are probably cowering in their basement, eating stockpiled cans of tuna.

Bet those cheapskates are wishing they had spent the extra money to fix the roof now. Thing couldn’t keep out rain, much less sky bits.

I hear that the moon is moving in closer now too. All the scientists are in a flutter; running around in their labs, half squished with pieces of sky. Don’t know what good they gonna do, unless they can shoot the damn thing back up into space. Me, I say let it come.

See if the damn thing is actually made of cheese.

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