The Freemice & the Beast

“Sire, please to stop! You are in charge of the Ripper search? Detective Leucopus, are you not?”

Liam stopped and turned, prepared to state “No comment” to a journalist. Instead Liam was facing a foreigner, who had huge red orbs for eyes, excessively large ears and a humorous overbite.

“Yes,” Liam replied.

“Good, good,” said the foreigner, offering forth his paw. “I am Cucchi Cypriacus and I must talk of the Ripper killings. I have information.”

“Of what sort,” Liam said, his tail alive with anticipation.

“The freemice of Onychomys, sire. They return to old ways, rituals,” Cucchi paused. “They summoned a foul beast from the gullet of the largest snake. This beast is the Ripper.”

“And you have seen this beast,” asked Liam, already doubting the source.

“In a vision, yes, sire.”

“Ah,” replied Liam, with a smirk and a nod.

“Not like that. Is true. Every mouse talks about them, knows that they are the Ripper.”

Liam’s smile was now genuine. He no longer needed to go to the Ruling Council after all.

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