But the fire Burned out 2

I was packing my bags while Charles was doing his normal routine of yelling at me. He always did and for what reason sometimes I didn’t ever find out, but I knew that i didn’t need a reason to know I need to get out of here now. I went to go pack Emma’s bags I call her my baby she is four years old and dosen’t need to hear her own father cursing or yelling she even once told me her father was acting like the super Villian from bat man at this age she needs a hero or at any age and I now see that hero isn’t going to be him. While I was searching for Emma’s suit case charles said something that really bothered me I had to tell Emma to go to her room so I could talk to this scum bag wich were not my exact words because she dosen’t need to know theese things.
’’Ann you know what I figured it out now !’’
’’Figured what out !?’’ I yelled

To be continued ..

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