Dear Diary; Why must he be so cute?

Dear Diary,
Today, Sam came up to me and asked if i wanted to go get a drink. I couldn’t say yes because then i would be cheating on Alex..Although there’s nothing between us.
Okay so since it’s week 3, let me lay out all the week highlights;

1) Alex is cheating on me, with who? With my friend Margie, she actually walked up to him and said “Hey nice hair” and now they’re dating.

2) The rumor about Trixie is over because she brought in her pregnancy test results which came out negative…Yay for her!

3) I found out that Jaime is actually gay. He told me himself. He said he was into steven but i find that kinda weird! I’ve never had a gay friend before, it’s kinda awkward.

4) Allison is mad at me because Sam asked me out and not her. It’ll blow over!

Sam is totally cute and everything but it doesn’t feel right to go out with him if i’m thinking about someone else. It just wouldn’t be fair to him. But he’s just so damn cute!

5) Steven is back on the prowl for a girlfriend.

OMG ! gotta go

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