But the fire Burned out 3

’’You now Jimmy the guy that his wife died a couple of weeks ago !?’’ he said still yelling getting louder and louder every disgusting word that came out of his mouth.
’’What about him I went over there almost every day so I could comfort him in his time of need’’ I said while I was trying hard to understand what Charles was trying to get at
’’Just give it up you’ve been having an affair with him !’’
’’What the HELL Charles are you damn sick his wife died and you never had any pity for him and now you brought it to a whole new level !’’ I yelled with so much anger I felt like I could kill him. ’’Emma !’’ I called, ’’Did you find your suitcase yet hunny ?’’ I said trying to hide the pain and the tears that were taking over my whole body.
’’Yes it was under my bed’’ she said ’’Mommy’’ she called
’’Yes baby ?’’
’’ Where we going ?’’ she asked almost sad but you could kind of here cheer in here I think she understood now that this all happened her dad was history.

It would be just her and me

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