The Killer Queen (quiz challenge)

Moored off the coast of Australia, Batak put her feet up on the back of her black yacht and smiled. A year ago she had somehow managed to lose everything save her computer in a fire, and here she was now – the host of a ridiculously successful archaeology show on the Discovery Channel and winner of a 20 million dollar lottery prize. It wasn’t all luck though. After discovering the lost library of Alexandria, everyone wanted a piece of her time. So…she bought the yacht and moved. Now the only person who could pull her away would be Queen Elizabeth I. Because that was going to happen. She might as well start a clothing line called “Killer Queenâ€?.

She sighed, reveling in the life of luxury, remembering the days when she had to worry about student loans and graduate school. It all seemed so silly now. She knew that one day she’d have to worry about an heir for her fortune, but by then it was possible she would have enough to splurge on inventing a method of male impregnation…

Hm..there’s a thought.

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