Elsha's sock challenge!

For my first challenge….

I was thinking of a comedic ficlet. I enjoy a good comedy. And I’ve been needing a good cheering up.

The parameters:
1. Somewhere the ficlet must contain a pair of socks. They can be an integral part or a detail, folded or crumpled, character or setting; be creative!

2. You may use ANY genre, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, romantic comedy, biographical, etc. etc.

3. The one that makes me laugh hardest wins!

Notes: I know this sounds simple, but please use the “write sequel” link at the bottom to enter and put [Elsha’s pair of socks challenge] after the title.

Oh, and please (pet peeve) try to spell correctly and punctuate. It interferes with the comedy if I can’t make out what you are trying to say. :)
(May I recommend

Any misspellings on purpose, say for dialect (accent), will be overlooked, of course!

Go, write! Make me laugh!

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