Her: Change

They had decided, finally, that it would just be best to get rid of the apartment. They would each go their separate ways, get new apartments, part as friends.

They talked now, obviously, no more shouting. Actually, they were on the other end of the spectrum. They didn’t even talk, they’d gone from screaming to talking softly.

Now she was packing up some of her things, in the bedroom. She paused once, looking over at the bed.

The bed that they’d slept in, together, for quite some time. Before the fighting when he, more often than not, would end up on the couch.

Looking at it all, she wanted to scream. What was happening? What had happened to them? They had been so much in love.

She threw the bag that she was packing down, and found herself crying on the bed. Their bed. The bed that they’d slept in together before things had begun to changed.

It was crazy, really, because she knew that she still loved him.

It was just that everything had changed so much.

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