Swim Away From The Crowd.

I refuse to be ignored. I refuse to stand back and watch people live as I become part of the background. I refuse to fade away.

This is why I am who I am. That person who is unique and doesn’t live by the models in the magazines. I don’t follow behind other people’s footsteps; I am a leader. I set the trends, but I hate people who copy me. I refuse to be a clover in a field of cherry trees.

I stood in the hall. Alone. People didn’t like things out of the norm. When you see something or someone that you are not used to, you think it is weird or abnormal. Maybe I am the normal one and you are the weird one? People are to quick to say, that’s weird.

Different thoughts were swirling in my head like a furious, black sea in the midst of a storm. Lightning striking. Sailors panicking. Fear and worriment engulfing everything along with the waves.

When will the sunshine come back?

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