ReVeil Industries (II)

Mr. Redtics pounded his stubby fingers on the phosphorescent surface of his desk. It glistened and glowed from the pressure. He’s using that all wrong. The invisiboard senses body heat. A discreet flutter of the fingertips works best.

“So tell me, Waylon Coldsmith,â€? said Redtics, “all about your invention. We like new blood in the lab.â€?

“The Coldsmith digiskin is double-sided,â€? I said, removing the thin membrane from its case and fusing it onto my eye. “On one side of the digiskin, a monitor screen. On the other, an exact replica of your eye.â€?

“I see!â€? Redtics bellowed with a snort.

“The replica senses movement and light, reacting with pupil dilation. It can track people and objects with a smooth, natural motion while you sync data streams from multiple sources and platforms. No one will be able to detect it.â€?

“Ingenious! Everyone will need one!â€? Redtics spun around in his chair like a child. He was easily sold.

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