Extraterrestrial Moonbeams

The sun had set hours ago, but it was still light. I’m guessing the mere illusion of extraterrestrial moonbeams, nonexistant except in my own imaginings, was enough to keep me up that night.
Oh woe, normality would still be mine.
The dwellings deep within the wide abyss of my mind were stirring restless, leading me to consider taking a long walk along the seashore. These own deep dwellings, in a way can be said, yearned for a new, flat-out odd night to fantasize about. They were just using me as their tool to fulfill their desire. I surrendered, and followed my curiousity to a quiet shoreline.
The sea was empty. No ships: no life onshore or off present to my eye. Suddenly, light flooded the sky. After less then a moment of peace, it started to take shape. Angels, or so they looked, gliding effortlessly high above my head. They were only visible for a breathtaking moment, then vanished behind a perfect cloud.
Without a word, I walked back home. The dwellings and moonbeams had darkened, and I wrote this.

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