A Homemade Dose of Jealousy

I sat on Amelia’s, or Amy’s, bed. Luckily, she started the conversation so I didn’t have to. Amy was a little suprised that I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t suprised at all. Honestly, I really couldn’t cry over such a crappy boyfriend…
“Okay so wait…He said what?”
“There’s nothing like a homemade dose of jealousy.”
“And then he did what?
“He actually went up and did it; he actually kissed her smack on the mouth, with me standing right beside her.”
“Well…I seriously hope you are breaking up with him.”
“Oh I’m going to do much more than that…”
“Cat, you’re getting that half-crazed look in your eyes. What are you going to do…”
All I had to do is smile and she knew.
“You’re going to give him a homemade dose of jealousy…”
“Indeedydoodle, homeskillet.”

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