My Meaningful Song(s): Life Support/Will I?

So many to choose from…but I decided to go with this one and it’s partner. It’s from Rent, the musical. It’s called Will I?

Will I loose my dignity
Will someone care
Will I wake tomorrow
From this nightmare?

It’s “partner song” is called Life Support and heres a little bit of it.

There’s only us.
There’s only this.
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss…
...Look I find some of what you teach suspect
I’m used to relying on intellect
And I try to open up to what I don’t know
Because reason says I should have died three years ago

I love these songs because their words haunt me in the pit of my stomach. I really can’t describe it. This musical helps me stop wallowing in self pity. I seriously would recommend listening to it if you want some inspiration to move on with your life/heal your heart from a breakup/want to stop feeling sorry for yourself. The whole musical is great..though I’d recommend the movie soundtrack if you are knew to the musical. It’s really great music, though a bit dated. :)

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