How to Shatter Skepticism

Sam stared at his handwriting in disbelief. There was no question whose hand wrote those words; no one but Sam was capable of scrawling something so nearly illegible. Problem was he definitely did not remember writing that down. Sam looked around suddenly, trying to catch whoever it was who was playing this prank, but found nothing amiss in the room. Sam looked back to his computer screen and stared at the machine.

After a moment Sam laughed. He sneered at the page in his notebook before tearing the ridiculous prank out and crumpling it into ball. A moments aim and Sam threw the little paper ball into his trash can and grinned at his success. Sam glanced at the ridiculous page again before returning to his original intent of noting never to click on such an add again.

“You idiot. If you don’t get that thing you, I, WE will DIE .”

Sam dropped the notebook and rolled his chair back. For a long moment he could do nothing but sit and stare.

When that moment was over, Sam desperately cast his first bid.

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