Once Upon a Time There Was a Hippo Named Girraffe and He Fell in Love With a Small Silver Musical Box With A Tatoo That Read '3GB'. [or.. yet another challenge]

238 comments… CHALLENGE TIME !!

so im in the mood for—-
something insightful.
you’ve got to expain your.. thoughts.. on life.

soo like—> beliefs, religion, neccesities, wants, dislikes, loves/hates..
something close to an epipahny, eh?

the small catch.. you cant use::
.any of your past/current experiences [meaning you cant TELL of that.. so think it, just dont write it]
.your name, any version [no nick/codenames]
.’i’ ‘me’ ‘my’ && such

that doesn’t eliminate::
.your own quotes
.stuff you can relate to

comment the questions. :]

:DD gogogogogogogooo!

(okay to put it in simpler terms, write a ficlet opinionated with your thoughts on life with absolutely no actual personal reference)

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