5 Things I'll Never Tell Anyone

1. I really do want to be accepted…The whole idea of the perfect boyfriend and the perfect friends is a little too appealing for someone so out there. I’m ashamed to say that I have been the “it” girl, and that I desperately want it back.

2. My dad is mentally ill and he drags my mom to court to fight over me. He doesn’t want to pay child support. People try to hide it, but I know he doesn’t love me. And I know Im the reason my mom cries at night.

3. I hate my best friend. She’s an awful person and I just want her to go back to the hole she came from. She tells my secrets to my enemies and denies it. All because shes obsessed with me, and wants to be me. I have proof. She told me so.

4. A certain girl at my school is actually obsessed with me. She always likes the same guys I do, and the minute I stop liking them she stops too. She actually does have obsessive compulsive disorder, and I am one of her objects of obsession.

5. If I dont become famous or marry a great guy I’ll consider myself a failure.

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