Still Perfect

Oops??? Oops is right!! He didn’t cheat, now I felt awful, I judged him so harshly.

“So what happened?” Linz asked.

“Jamie made it up, she said he cheated on me at camp, but it never happened, she made it all up.’‘

“How could she? Isn’t she your friend? Why would she do that? She wanted Evan for herself didn’t she? Why are you still friends with her??” Linz said.

“Yeah, I don’t know.”

I sat there, the only one not talking. Didn’t this mean that Evan was still perfect? Should I still like him? Had I been to quick to judge?

But Evan was Bridget’s ex boyfriend. Evan was Bridget’s Evan.

So I didn’t like him,

I couldn’t like him… could I?

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