Pens Poses a CHALLENGE!

Whoo-hoo! Two hundred ficlets at long last! I’d like to say that I love this community, and Ficlets has gotten me into the mindset of attempting to write something every day. That means quite a lot to me. And the people here are fabulous.

So, here is your challenge:

Everybody’s got something unique about them. We’re all quirky. Me, personally, I drink cold hot chocolate and read magazines from back to front.

Perhaps it’s a personal superstition or a daily ritual that’s unique to you.

Your goal is to write a Ficlet about yours.

Please post it as a sequal to this challenge, so that they will all be in the same place.

I’m not quite sure as these will be judged, as this is really a culmination of our own unique identities. Mostly, just have fun.

: )

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