My Quirk

I saw this challenge and I was like awesome!!! But actually I have no idea what I should use. I’m pretty quirky. So i’ve chosen one, but I’m not so sure if it justifies just how strange i really am…

My quirk… my love for my city.

Okay that’s not that weird. I know, lots of people really like their home town, but I just can’t explain my obsession with it.

I remember when I was little, I use to ask my mom why other cities even existed, how come Solon didn’t just rule them all?? My Mom never really had a response.

I can get so protective over my city, when people dis it or anything. I get really worked up at any events, where my city competes against others.

I’ve lived in Solon my whole life, I never want to move. College might be a problem.

When I cross over any corp limit sign that marks the entrance of Solon, I cheer.

Yes I start clapping, and screaming, “Yay Solon!!!”

People look at me and stare, apparently they don’t do that.

But then again, they don’t share the love for Solon that I do.

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