Immortality Can Get You Addicted to Anything

There were so many songs that told of rooftops and city lights, but nothing could compare to this. Being on a rooftop in the late evening, watching the stars fade as the downtown neon lights shone brighter and brighter with every passing hour.
Hours. I have been up here for hours.
Twelve. There was a dozen staircases leading me up here.
Many. I have smoked my way through many ciggs.
Too long. I came up here to figure something out, to reach a standing point or a fualt line, whichever.
But now, here I was, still in awe with the dirty city’s beauty, with an almost empty pack and a running out of time wrist watch.
I took one last drag and let the nasty, addicting little thing fall down, down twelve stories.
My dangling legs twitched as it fell so far down that I couldn’t make it out against the rough speeding colors of the street directly below.
Hmph. I wonder if I would be visible all the way down..
I smiled a fanged grin and pushed the rest of my immortal self of the ledge.

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