Close Enough

I want this checkmate to either destroy us or make us. Let me get close enough to feel your heart beat through your chest. Touch me to see if I’m really close to you or am I slipping away from you. I want u closer to me so that I feel your soul shiver to my touch. I want you to have a hold on me that I can’t break. I want you to let go of the secrets & let your soul caress mine; I want you to be close enough to touch my personality but not my heart, not yet. Can you let your voice come closer to mine without touching my lips? Can you let your heart come closer to mine without making me cry with either pain or happiness? Can you let you hand come closer to mine without feeling heat of my body. Can I let you close enough to kiss me? Can I let you close enough to fill my appetite with that touch? Close enough for a soulmate? Close enough for a sip of your nectar? Close enough so I can hear the truth? Close enough for you to see my truth & lies? Close enough for my imperfection? Do I dare let you close enough?

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