The Light of the Empire

Smuggling the Light of the Empire out of the Empire and away to safety was a damn thankless job, Kajian reflected, not for the first time. He crouched in the bushes, and finally said, “Are you done yet?”

“Yes,” said the Light of the Empire, as he emerged from the undergrowth and settled his homespun vest unhappily.

“Did you get it all this time?” said Kajian. “Because I don’t want to have to stop again, and again, and again…”

“I got it all,” said the Light of the Empire. He rubbed his boot in the dirt and scowled.

“What’s got you so chafed?” asked Kajian.

“I miss my attendants,” said the Light of the Empire. “Why won’t you attend me as they do? They anoint me with scented oils and burn incense and…”

“Yes, I’m sure they do,” growled Kajian. “But that wasn’t in my contract.”

The Light of the Empire looked distressed. “Contract?”

Kajian swore under his breath. Hadn’t anybody told the kid anything?

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