The Trap Sprung (Guardians, Ep. 11)

With my blades out, I moved to the mirror. Focussing power into the metal tips.

“I know your tricks now, Chaz. I know your weakness.”

I lifted my hand to strike, surprised he hadn’t responded. Instead he stood there looking at me, laughing. Laughing with that infuriating grin on his face.

“You won’t get away this time…”

I struck the Portal, slashed against his image.

Found, instead of the hard clash of power, the sense of nothing. Then a pulling, the sensation of being sucked forward.


I’d been a fool. Tricked by a lowling like Chaz. As I touched the image of Chaz, for it wasn’t Chaz now—that much I knew. When I touched, the Trigger, our life energies exchanged.

I, David Longman-Steele, entered the spirit body of the thing called Chaz.

He took control of mine.


Screaming I beat against the impermeable Portal door, my feeble attempts useless in this world of daemons. I was trapped in a plane of ancient evil, while evil incarnate flew free in my world.

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