Introductionary Flirtation; Oreos and Milk

You can do this Daniel. You can DO this. Go out there and impress her socks off!
Okay…you’re walking over there…come on….come on…your almost there…dont freak out. And It’s Daniel not Danny

Finally, he reached a beautiful brunette in a stunning red dress.
“Hi.” He said as he reached for her hand. “I’m Danny.”
Stupid! It’s DANIEL . You’re sixteen years old. Not ten!
The girl smiled.
“Hi Danny,” She said in a perfect voice. “I’m Sophia.”
“Sophia, would you like a drink?” He asked.
“I’d love one, but I’m only sixteen.” She replied.
“I know…I mean…Me too. I meant like maybe a milkshake or something.” He said.
“It would have to be Soy. I’m lactose intolerant.” She returned with a smile.
“Awesome.” Just as he was about to order, his mom and her boistrous friends burst into the Club and shouted, “Danny? Danny sweetie? Where are you honey?”
Danny turned bright red.
Sophia chuckled.
“My mom…” He started.
“I like her already,” Sophia smiled.
They exchanged Cell numbers, and Danny left happy.

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