The Insane Knight Imprisoned

Montelban, The Renown Thief of Dwarven Skulls, stared up at the face of The Insane Knight. He was staring his usual uncomfortable, crazed stare. The same stare that once made a Necromancer ill at ease. Montelban’s eyes wandered from the man’s face to the glowing light that hovered over his shoulder.

“Where are we?” The Knight asked, raising an eyebrow to make the uncomfortable stare even that much more so.

“I d-d-don’t know. I g-g-got jumped by some bandits a few days after I r-r-ran from the dwarf. You’re the first person I’ve seen since then.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud bang as a dungeon door opened in the distance. The fire elemental appeared on the other side of the cell door, followed by a skinny, white haired old man wearing a white robe that desperately needed washing. His long beard was also in dire need of attention. Montelban thought he saw a roach scampering around inside of it.

“Who is this bum?” The Insane Knight asked.

“That is Ted the Off-White,” Montelban whispered.

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