My beginning

I was just seven when I first saw it…. a large white rectangle the size of a door. Undulating waves of light converging and dissolving in the middle. I don’t remember being scared but I was the only one who could see it. I studied the motions of light and stepped to the side it was two dimensional, for minutes I circled, not understanding what I was looking at. I knew I had to walk through it. I pushed my hand slowly through the waves, light bubbled and fizzed around my hand. The bubbles cleared after a few seconds I realized I would be ok. My foot was heavy with aprehension but I started to force it through. At one moment I had a foot midstep in the air at the next both my feet were on the ground past the “door.” I turned around, it was still there. I stepped through again and it faded away as I turned again. I can’t believe what it did to me. I liked abusing my gift and it would be years before I realized that I could create a “door ” and in doing so take my powers away.

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