Sixth grade

We were here. My school. My new school. I smiled i couldnt let my sister know i was scared.”Are you nervous?’ she asked.No way i said.As we waslked up the steps i looked straight ahead. I saw eith graders laughing this has been there school for 2 years. I saw sseventh graders, they were laughing with there friends they have knew for a year or more.Then i saw a cluster of sixth graders the didnt have an arrow pointing were the were.But you could tell they looked scared but smiled, They were all in a big cluster but spaced out. I desperatley looked for someone i knew. A familier face. My sister spotted a friend from last year. We never realy talked but things changed. The doors opened to the classrooms. We saw our teachers.We sat down.Talked about things i dont even remember.Somthing like our summer somthing boring.As the days past my sister and i kept to ourselves.Groups were formed. My sister made friends.One day i couldnt open my my locker a girl and i joked about them.Then before i knew it i made a friend

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