Cat the Dancing Mouse's Attempt at a Love Story

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. If he loves me, then why isn’t he here?
Violet sat down on the cold, wet grass.
He’ll never change. Why do I care? He probably forgot and made plans with someone else. Does he even like me? What is he? Some sort of sorceror that successfully passed his spell over me? Binding me to him for better or for worse?
Violet picked up her tattered portfolio, plucked the pencil out of her hair and started to write on a nearby tree.
Goodbye to knowing me and you. Goodbye to knowing everything I thought I..
She was interupted by the sound of someone trying desperately hard to be quiet. Violet turned around.
“Rodger.” She studdered. The sight of her best friend startled her.
“Look I know I’m not who you want to see here…And well…I love you…” She put her finger on his lips, withdrew them and replaced them with a kiss.
She turned around and erased what she had written on the tree.
I love you too.

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