Happy happy

You look down.
I looked round the room in shock. I’d thought I was alone but then the annoyingly perky voice had piped up.
Down here dummy.
Slowly my head turned and stared into my half drunk coffee cup, the face outlined in the crema winked at me.
You’re not real.” I mumbled, my hand gripping the edge of the table and shaking. “You’re a delusion brought on by lack of sleep and the brains tendency to see faces in random shapes.
Am I?” I couldn’t help noticing the mouth moved when it talked. I tried to think when I’d last slept, it was hard, sleep brought dreams and dreams let them in.
Yes.” I reached for the cup.
Doesn’t change the fact that you look down. It’s not good to be down.” I grabbed the cup, hoping the vigorous movement would dislodge, it but no luck.
You’d be down if you hadn’t slept in days.” I mumbled.
But you’re asleep now.” The voice changed in pitch, the happy chirp dropping away. The room darkened around me and I knew they had found me.

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