No Heros Amongst Thieves pt.4

“The weather is even morning our dear deceased Lord, Lady.â€? Roy commented. Alodie had befriended Roy on her very first visit to what was Brighton Manor. Lord Irvin and Alodie had been staying in a rented town house since autumn. Alodie precariously leaned forward and poked her head out the little window as to be better heard by Roy. Her delicate cheeks were instantly pierced by the bitter cold raindrops.
“I no it’s quite a detour Roy, but could you head into town. I have some affairs to deal with.â€?
“Anywhere for you ma’am. I have little work at home anyhow so, if you please, I must be home before dusk.â€? Roy had to yell over the horses’ snuffles and the soft squish of the mud under their hooves and the wheels.
“Never you mind, I’ll be done within the hour.â€? She receded from the growing wind and drew the curtains.

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