Too Many Questions

“It means,” replied my Fairy Godmother with a touch of impatience, “That your name is Destiny Michaels, that you live in Kansas, that your Revealing Potion requires a sprig of hewullace, a golden fignut, the pit of an aerombie fruit, and stewing for 3.79 days, and that you were born on March thirtieth, 1993, to your parents.” She said all of this very quickly, frowning at me.

“What’s a Revealing Potion?”

“I already told you,” she said irritably, “a potion that tells me where to find you and what’s plaguing you. And that’s precisely the reason that I was asked to take you on a vacation here with me. You’ll be helping me with certain jobs and tasks.”

“Task?! I thought this was a vacation! What type of tasks? And how long am I going to be here? I can’t go home til the colorswirl’s mended, right? What—”

Fairy Godmother cut me off. “You ask entirely too many questions,” she sniffed. “Now come along, we’re going to go collect lunch.”

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