A couple of weeks had gone by since the night I found out the truth about Evan. I didn’t dislike him anymore, but I didn’t “like” him either. I mean, I couldn’t, he basically belonged to Bridget.

I had given up on Eric. I’ve decided that he doesn’t realize when he is flirting, and when it comes down to it, he has absolute no interest in me as more than a friend. So I was over him for good. Yeah we will see about that.

So did this leave me crush-less? It had actually been awhile since I have been like this. It felt a little strange. But anytime I would ever consider liking Evan again, I would instantly remember Bridget, and how she was crushing on him again.

I found that there was lots of awkward moments at sleepovers when Bridget would go on about Evan, I never mentioned my old crush on him, and neither did Linz, but maybe that was for the better.

Hey who knows, maybe being crush-less will end up being for the better too.

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