A Slip Up, A Mistake, A Real Solid "Oops"

I stepped into Bridget’s house, said hi to Patrick, her little brother and walked down to the basement, pirates booty in hand.

With Thanksgiving over, and winter break on its way, 8th grade seems already halfway done.

We spent the night talking about the usual things. Eating the food, drinking our Dr. Pepper. Laughing at things that probably weren’t that funny.

With Linz, recording notes in her phone, the night went by pretty fast.

“Note to self…” Linz recorded everything that even made us crack a smile that night.

Yes but would these inside jokes still be funny tomorrow?

As it got later we changed into our PJ’s and turned off the lights, climbing on the couches and getting comfortable.

The conversation drifted.

“I’ve had so many issues with crushes lately, I think I’ve given up.” I said.

“Yeah, with Eric, other Eric, Evan, and that whole Taylor issue, your life kind of sucks.” Linz said.

“Evan? Wait, what Evan?” Bridget sat up and asked.

“Ummm…” I muttered.

“Oops.” Linz said.

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