Confused: I Remember This... (Pt 9)

Well, now what? I walked the school hall on the look-out for him. And was looking over my shoulder and when I turned around, he was suddenly there. Marcus. He grinned at me, I cringed and words came out as I shoved by.
Him: Thanks bitch.
Thanks? Thanks for what? Oh of course, for not really telling on him and for helping him become popular off the rumors that went around and for making him look not as bad as he truly is. Oh course thanks. And I compose myself before strolling into the room where my boyfriend waits.
BF: You okay?
Me: Sure sure.

He takes that in though it’s an obvious lie. And Marcus walks by again, glaring at me. So he does know. His words are stuck in my mind. Does he know I helped him? Is he really thanking me? Or is this just part of his fun? Confused is all I get out of what’s left over.

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