The Light of the Empire part II

No. Of course no one told the kid anything. He was the Light of the Empire; a sacred and holy embodiment of the waning power of the Empire. And as such, he was completely insulated from the outside world.

His socializing was limited to only his trusted attendants and his parents, the ruling king and queen of the Empire. His entire universe was contained within his prison of steel and stone. He knew nothing of the Sun Wars. He had not experienced any of the Imperial Culling. The Scolla Rebellion was unknown to him. For all intents and purposes, he had spent the last 13 years of his life removed from the world.

“At the very least, you shouldn’t speak to me in such an insolent tone,” the Light scolded.

“Shut up,” Kajian replied harshly.

The Light of the Empire recoiled. Good. He needed to understand that he was no longer in his cozy, comfortable prison. He was out in the world. And the world knew no pleasantries.

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