Who is Him?

Tim stares at screen for quite some time, then back at his sleeping love.

Told him what?

Time tries to tell himself that it couldn’t be anything bad. After all, Jill had accepted his proposal to marry him.

And, after all, the message may not even be alluding to him at all. It could be some other “him.” Someone she worked with, perhaps.

Still, a part of him is scared. What if the “him” in question was him, Tim? And what if it is something bad?

It had, after all, been six months. Maybe Jillian had been planning to break up the first time that she’d seen him.

But no, then she wouldn’t have said yes, would she have?

Tim isn’t sure how much time has passed as he has stared at the glowing screen of her cell phone. It feels like an eternity.

Knowing that, perhaps, it isn’t the right thing to do, but unable to stop himself anyway, Tim hits a button on her phone. Reply.

The phone makes a beep, and he jumps.

But it is too late to stop, so he sends a message.

Told him what?

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