An Unspoken Agreement

“Evan who?!?” Bridget persisted.

I looked down. I couldn’t make eye contact with her. Evan who? Who could I say??? My mind was racing. Not Evan S. He was a loser. Not Evan U. He was a creeper. I couldn’t think fast enough I didn’t know what to say. I shoved my face into my pillow.

“Your Evan, Bridget.”

I looked up, it was Lindsay who had spoken. I gave her a glance.

“Linz, I thought we had a kind of unspoken agreement.” I said.


“Oh wait that’s right, no, it was a spoken agreement.” I continued. “We agreed that it would be better not to day anything, you never said anything, I never said anything, so one day I asked you, we should just keep this up right?? You said, yeah that would be for the best.”

“Oops, I forgot.” Linz said.

“Why didn’t you tell me? All these times I talked about him, and you just sat there and said nothing? You could have told me. Instead you and Linz just talked about it without me!! Said Bridget.

“I thought you would be mad.” Was all I could say.

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