Why, Just A Friendly Gathering!

“I’m sorry,” I told him, “is the most overused meaningless thing you can say. It’s better to not say anything.”
“Well than what do you want me to say?!” Tom asked, looking slightly drunk; throwing his arms limply in the air and falling back a few paces.
I leaned in close, my lips almost touching his. “Nothing,” I whispered. “Realize how awful you are and love it.”
His eyes were closed and and he looked half-dead. Happy, but half-dead.
I kissed his nose softly just as Brandy’s apartment door openned and Jack stepped out.
Tom’s eyes flashed open, anger instantly blazing.
I raised my eyebrow at him and the fire was extinguished.. slightly.
“What’s this?” Jack asked, his lips twitched.
“A friendly gathering,” I cheered, pulling both of them into one giant group hug.
“What the fuc-” Jack started. Still holding both guys , I pressed my lips into Jack’s and the storm over our heads vanished. Tom was forgotten as I tangled myself around Jack, instead.
Slam! Tom took to the door. And we were alone.

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