ReVeil Industries (III)

“The Coldsmith digiskin can be permanently attached, with upgrades automatically delivered through the bloodstream. And it releases a synthetic lubricant, eliminating the need to blink.â€?

“Hmm,â€? said Redtics, stopping his chair. “But you should blink, shouldn’t you? We’re in business to veil our customers’ activities, not reveal them with open eyes.â€?

“That’s an easy adjustment,â€? I said.

“And the upgrades, are they over-the-counter or will they require a prescription?â€?

“Well,â€? I said, scanning through the status report on my cornea, “that’s what attracted me to ReVeil—â€?

“Don’t tell me,â€? interrupted Redtics, “you’ve heard rumors about our FDA contacts.â€?

“My former employer got bogged down in forms and applications,â€? I explained. “They are one of the few government agencies who still require paper.â€?

“And that’s the only reason you’ve come to ReVeil?â€? he asked. “Over paperwork?â€?

“No, sir, there’s other issues we need to discuss,â€? I replied, locking the classified data files.

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