Escape On Trains

“So, app. Johnny told Jen that Skyler said something about Sall-”
“You know what would be like, fun?” he interrupted her; his gravelly voice holding the ocean’s deepest waves and heaviest rocks of burden.
Kylie was so shocked she didn’t even take a guess.
“To be on a train, right now,” he continued, “Doesn’t that sound fun? To be driving a train and you could go anywhere in hours and then stop, and go somewhere else..” Sounding more and more distant with each dreamy description.
“Erm. That was really random,” she giggled flirtatiously.
“Where?” I asked him.
He looked at me with his seaglass eyes and answered lazily, “Anywhere.”
“Everywhere,” I continued.
“Exactly,” he agreed, now talking with intensity.
“Yahh.. That does sound fun. Trains,” I smiled.
“Huh,” he half laughed, “What’s your name again?”

“Yah, sorry,” he admitted sheepishly.
“So I was saying..” and Kylie began unloading her latest drama shit on him again.
And I got back to the equation on the board, instead of daydreaming.

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