I tried not to let my excitment get to me. If I broke my concentration I could lose Blake.

Blake? Can you hear me?
Aea! Babygirl, you okay?? Where have they taken you? Have they harmed you at all?
No, this guy is pretending to be you. I’m not suppose to know he’s a fake. They think I think it’s really you I’m with. I’m in some huge castle. I woke up here.
Good. Stay there, and don’t let them catch you talking to me. I’m coming for you.

Blake! I screamed in my head, but he had already left. I broke down crying for the second time today. I was wiping my eyes as the fake Blake returned.

“Sorry, Aea. I won’t be leaving any time soon.” He came and put his arm around me. I hate when he calls me Aea. Blake rarely called me that. I was so weak, though, I couldn’t resist his comfort. I crumpled into the stranger’s arms, grateful that they hadn’t just left me on my own.

I can do this. I just have to wait till Blake comes.

But, Aea, I’m right here. Crap! I hadn’t meant for him to hear!

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