Barn's Nobles Decision

“The vegetable garden, recently repossessed by the State, was to be destroyed by the millions… and millions…. AND MILLIONS … of rabbits. A small device was placed on their heads that controlled them. Eventually, the garden was simply gone.”

“Russia would be hungry tonight… and the next night… and the next night…. and the next night…”

“On the other hand, the farmworkers were given guns for the first time in years. The rabbit population of Russia “mysteriously” dropped from five billion to zero in a matter of weeks. Salted rabbit was better than nothing… Then came the nukes, and no one really cared about Russia no more.”

A humanoid, yet strangely vulpine creatue stood up from its armchair. He stopped reading from his book, “Our Ancestors’ Conquests.”, and he returned the book to the shelf.

“A seemingly good buy, but it really fades after the rabbit era.” The sales associate turned the small family away, and he walked back to the register. Barn’s Nobles was one weird bookstore….

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