It's Not Like He Meant To

2:45 at long last.
I stepped out of the classroom and breathed for what felt like the first time since I ever stepped into the dreadful place.
I was a sweaty, nervous mess and anxious to get to my next class, one with a more friendly vibe.
But, as per usual, the hallways on this side of the building were packed and it would seem I was not the only one eager to get to the last period of the day.
Someone tapped my elbow, and I thought they must have hit a funny bone or something, because my whole arm was tingling..
Pointlessly I began to look around, though correctly finding the pervert would be highly unlikely.
And then, I had the wind knocked out of me.
For then, my gaze had collided onto a tall boy with seaglass eyes and incredibly tight pants.
And I realized he was walking right beside me.. oblivious of me.
I soon also recognized Kylie on his other side, now telling him something about how Chad tried to hook up with..
I sighed, and pushed my way faster through the crowd.
Not like he meant to.

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